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90 day no interest on furniture purchases

No Credit Needed • 90-Day Payment Options


Fantastic Furniture Financing the Harlem Way: When You Need a Boost!

At Harlem Furniture we’re ALL about giving the average person a break so you too can enjoy cool living room sets or state-of-the-art mattresses. Past money worries aren’t a problem when you shop smart for furniture and mattresses with us! We understand people have financial emergencies and hard times. If you have an income, we WILL work out something good! It’s as easy as applying online through the links on this page. Approval is in a matter of minutes. Then we can talk about getting your purchase in your home right away! Harlem Furniture presents you with TWO awesome no-credit furniture financing options, through our friends at Progressive Leasing or Snap! Finance.

No-Credit Furniture Financing Through Progressive Leasing

Your income’s as good as credit when you embark on purchasing new furniture or mattresses through no-credit financing at Progressive Leasing. This respected company offers many lease-to-own purchase options. Progressive’s underwriting process enables it to empower YOU, even if you have less-than-perfect credit or no credit history. While you do not need credit to apply, Progressive does get info from credit bureaus. MOST applicants are approved. Thanks to Progressive we can give you a generous 12-month lease and an early-buyout incentive after 90 days. You can schedule your automatic payments around your paydays!

No-Credit Furniture Financing Through Snap!

Up to 80% of applicants online for Snap! Finance’s no-credit furniture financing are approved. Borrow up to $3,000! At last, get the furniture or mattress you need WHEN you need it – why wait? Snap! Finance offers you unusual flexibility: three payment options. Snap! understands that 1 in 3 Americans don’t have the credit to get traditional financing and is here for them – and you. Snap! gives you 100 days for its early-payoff incentive! And when you keep up with your payments to Snap!, credit bureaus note it favorably. Not only are you getting beautiful furniture from us. You’re building a solid financial future.

Take home your new furniture NOW and get a second chance with no-credit furniture financing at our Bronx, NY discount furniture store! See you soon.